Nature’s Way Coconut Oil

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Ok, so it’s a pretty well known fact that coconut is a miracle fruit for many reasons. It’s being sold in many forms: oil, butter, shredded fruit, and coconut palm sugar to name a few. Today I want to focus on coconut oil that made a substantial increase in sales starting in 2011 and has risen every year since. This comes at no surprise as this liquid gold has substantial health benefits from fat loss to improving memory.

So now you gotta have it, I mean come on….a better body and brain, hell ya! Just make sure you know your:

So you bought a USDA Organic, NON-GMO, coconut oil……..Great Job! But that label blind spot that you were waiting for can be on all of the above, yup that is correct. That organic oil that you bought may still contain, drum-roll please……….


What is Hexane? It is a chemical substance made from crude oil that has negative affects on the human body.

How can my organic coconut oil be allowed to use hexane? It contains carbon as the primary backbone of the molecule, which allows it to be classified as organic. How about that for a loophole in the organic industry, huh?

Why do they use Hexane? Simple, companies can yield more oil from one coconut which equates to more profit.

What do I do now? Look for cold pressed, and even better, a label that states hexane-free. Get Extra Virgin too!

I LOVO this coconut oil!

Now go get some hexane-free coconut oil, your body will love you for it!