Cacao Powder by Navitas Naturals

I use this cacao powder on a daily basis because of its rich flavor and health benefits. Navitas Naturals Cocao powder is certified organic and Non-GMO. I lovo that it provides protein, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, and sulfur along with over 300 phytochemicals. Lets face it, I lovo the the serotonin kick too!

The difference between cacao or cocoa:

Cocoa powder (like Hershey’s) that most people use primarily for baking is raw cacao beans that have been roasted at a very high temperature, diminishing almost all of the super food health benefits it provides. Also, some manufacturers use chemical solutions to lower acidity as well.

Cacao powder is the cold processing of the raw cacao beans, keeping all the precious nutrients intact. Navitas Organics Cacao Powder is made by cold-pressing cacao nibs into a paste and then drying that into a powder. Pressing the nibs further concentrates the minerals and antioxidants found naturally in cacao and deepens the dark cocoa taste and color.

Now, drop what you are doing, grab your Hershey’s Cocoa powder and throw it away! I am serious,, because with this organic cacao powder, you will never look back! Your body and mind will largely benefit. Not only will you be provided with a high nutrient value, but you will be avoiding harmful pesticides and gmo’s. As you may already know, conventional grown chocolate is one of the heaviest pesticide sprayed crops in the world. I will list more about pesticides and gmo’s in another article.

Be healthy and happy, add some cacao to your life.

Keep a look out for some cacao healthy “dessert” recipes coming soon!

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil

LovoChic Favorite

Ok, so it’s a pretty well known fact that coconut is a miracle fruit for many reasons. It’s being sold in many forms: oil, butter, shredded fruit, and coconut palm sugar to name a few. Today I want to focus on coconut oil that made a substantial increase in sales starting in 2011 and has risen every year since. This comes at no surprise as this liquid gold has substantial health benefits from fat loss to improving memory.

So now you gotta have it, I mean come on….a better body and brain, hell ya! Just make sure you know your:

So you bought a USDA Organic, NON-GMO, coconut oil……..Great Job! But that label blind spot that you were waiting for can be on all of the above, yup that is correct. That organic oil that you bought may still contain, drum-roll please……….


What is Hexane? It is a chemical substance made from crude oil that has negative affects on the human body.

How can my organic coconut oil be allowed to use hexane? It contains carbon as the primary backbone of the molecule, which allows it to be classified as organic. How about that for a loophole in the organic industry, huh?

Why do they use Hexane? Simple, companies can yield more oil from one coconut which equates to more profit.

What do I do now? Look for cold pressed, and even better, a label that states hexane-free. Get Extra Virgin too!

I LOVO this coconut oil!

Now go get some hexane-free coconut oil, your body will love you for it!